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Daffodil Days brings thoughts of spring and hope for a cancer cureDaffodil Days brings thoughts of spring and hope for a cancer cure

Posted 2/04/13 (Mon)

American Cancer Society volunteers in Campbell County are reminding everyone to think of spring, and join the annual Daffodil Days effort to fight cancer.
“This weather is enough to get anyone down,” said ACS Coordinator Charlene Lund of Pierre. “We are fortunate to have our regular volunteers willing to take orders in the towns in Campbell County.”
In Pollock, Cindy Moser is taking daffodil orders by telephone at (605) 889-2318 until Thursday, Feb. 14. In Herreid contact Kountry Klassic and Gladys Fjeldheim at (605) 437-2961, and in Mound City contact Eva Ackerman at (605) 955-3315. Orders can be placed with Fjeldheim and Ackerman until Wednesday, Feb. 20.
Daffodils will arrive for delivery and pickup on March 11-12. The volunteer coordinators will know the time and place for pick up and or delivery.
The suggested donation amounts are the same this year as in the past several years. A bunch of daffodils is $10, the Dainty Daffodil potted plant is $15, the Boyd’s Bear, a limited edition bear with a bunch of daffodils, is $25 and the Gift of Hope bouquet is $25. The Gift of Hope bouquets go to people in the area who are getting treatment for their cancer.
“Giving a Gift of Hope is a great way to let people know they are being thought of with well wishes for a complete recovery and it is also a great way to support the American Cancer Society and be active in the fight against cancer. By giving a Gift of Hope, you are really doing more than giving hope to someone, you are donating to put an end to cancer,” Lund said. The Bear Hug is a plush Boyd’s Bear that goes to children receiving cancer treatment in a South Dakota hospital.
“By giving daffodils to friends, family members and cancer patients, donors are really supporting research and programs and services that improve the lives of people facing cancer,” said Lund.
For more information about the American Cancer Society visit www.cancer.org or call the 24 hour toll free National Cancer Information Center at (800) 227-2345.


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