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Pollock Town Board reviews costs associated with Community Center

Posted 2/11/13 (Mon)

The Pollock Town Board reviewed the income and expense totals for the Community Center at their regular meeting held Monday evening, Feb. 4.
Expenses for 2012 showed expenditures of $37,431.15. Some of the items on the list were expenditures that won’t happen every year and some were expenditures that include the large shop. Income from the center showed $18,740.45.
The board discussed having a community meeting to get input on whether the community wanted to keep the building open.  They set the date for the meeting as Thursday, March 7, at 7 p.m.
The Town Board learned that the state will be requiring the town to replace the light poles on Main Street. According to John Villbrandt, Mobridge DOT, the town has three options. They include:
• Applying for a state grant that has an 80/20 split with the town paying the 20 percent.
• Remove the poles and not replace them.
• Use utility owned poles supplied by MDU.
The town passed a resolution to apply for the grant from the state. If the cost for the poles through the grant is too high the town can decline the grant.
In other action the board:
• Set election workers’ salaries at minimum wage, $7.25 per hour.
• Moved to advertise for their three year hay land lease.
• Reviewed the new rules for the sale of surplus property.
• Discussed a broadband assessment that NECOG can do to see what upgrades might be made to provide better service to the community. The board agreed to have NECOG do the assessment.


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