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Herreid Council discusses options for revised city water ordinance

Posted 2/11/13 (Mon)

The Herreid City Council agreed to have City Attorney Mark Kroontje work on options for revising the current Water Ordinance during action at their Feb. 4 meeting.
The council had approved the current water ordinance in early 2012. The ordinance included a new rate of $25 each time water is turned on or shut off at a residence. It also changed the old policy of pro rating water usage for days that the water was on during a billing cycle to a full monthly charge no matter how many days the water was on during the cycle.
Following implementation of the new policy, some residents who used water for seasonal cabins or for some other specific purpose were charged for two month’s usage, even though they had it on for less than 30 days, if the days they had the water on happened to fall over two different billing cycles. As a result of that, the council had agreed to review those instances on a case-by-case basis.
At their January meeting the council reviewed a letter from Kroontje expressing concern with that process. He was unable to attend the January meeting in person.
At the meeting Monday, Kroontje explained that he does not like the council reviewing specific bills on an ad hoc basis, and added that they could be open to charges of favoritism, etc. “You (the council) should develop an ordinance that fits what you want to do and then enforce that ordinance,” he said.
The council discussed some options to address the concern, and asked Kroontje to propose a revised ordinance for review at the March meeting.
In other business, the council:
• Will do more checking into options for purchasing a new warning siren for the community. Campbell County Emergency Manager Lawrence Goehring has secured grant funds to pay for most or all of the cost of a new siren.
• Learned that the Linton Hospital is willing to pay for up to half of the cost of an inspection of the heating/ventilation system at the Clinic building. Mayor David Vander Vliet said that Linton Hospital Administrator Robert Black expressed his happiness with the clinic in Herreid and its operation.
• Moved to approve a drawdown request for loan/grant funds for the wastewater project and to allow the mayor to sign the necessary paperwork.
• Heard that individuals are still getting prices and options for new weights and a weight rack at the City Fitness Center.
• Agreed to get feedback from the Herreid Volunteer Fire Department before making a decision about selling the old white fire truck. If the Fire Department agrees, the council will need to declare the truck as surplus property before it can be sold.
• Reviewed a quote for replacing the curved, upper windows in the main floor of City Hall. They will ask Herreid Lumber to submit a quote for replacing the windows and also get prices for replacing all the windows on the second floor.
• Reviewed information from other communities which have swimming pools as to the rate of pay for their lifeguards. Generally, the rate paid by Herreid is comparable to most of the other communities.
• Set the annual equalization meeting for Monday, March 18, at 7 p.m. Any individuals who wish to file an appeal on their property’s valuation should file a request by Friday, March 14.
• Reviewed a list of old/dilapidated properties in the city limits, but took no action.
• Reviewed a proposed quote for installing a drinking water station at a site in the city, such as the Swimming Pool or the Community Center. The station could be used to fill water bottles, etc. The council took no action  on the proposal.
• Received a copy of the NECOG Annual Report. The report is on file in the Finance Office if individuals want to review it.


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