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Commission accepts resignation, purchases Caterpillar road grader

Posted 2/11/13 (Mon)

The Campbell County Commission accepted a resignation and agreed to purchase a slightly used road grader in action at their meeting on Feb. 5.
Ashley Klaudt submitted her resignation to the commission effective Feb. 16. She had served as a part time assistant in the highway department and 4-H/extension office. She worked 20 hours per week and divided her time between the two departments as necessary.
The commissioners accepted her resignation and thanked her for her service to the county.
The commissioners discussed advertising for the position, but agreed to wait until they have a better idea about what is happening in the 4-H program. Jeff Mueller, who had served as 4-H Advisor for the four counties of Campbell, Walworth, McPherson and Edmunds, had submitted his resignation from that position in December 2012. Currently, SD State University is advertising for the 4-H position.
The commission has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the other three counties for the 4-H Advisor, and would stay in the program at least for this year. They asked to get a count of how many kids from the county participate in 4-H programs.
Following a discussion on the pros and cons of purchasing another road grader, the commissioners moved to purchase a 2013 slightly used Caterpillar 140M2 road grader off the Spink County bid. The base price is $258,240 and will be purchased under a six payment, five year financing program at 2.65 percent interest. There will be an initial upfront payment and annual payments each year thereafter. The machine can be paid off early with no penalty.
The machines were new on Oct. 1, when they began to be used by the City of Sioux Falls for snow removal. The number of hours on the machine depends upon snow removal needs in Sioux Falls. The county will take ownership on about May 1.
The county will need to purchase a new wing, but the snow plow on the 2006 Volvo grader that will be replaced should work on the machine.
The commissioners also moved to declare the Volvo grader and a 2004 Ford New Holland TM130 tractor as surplus property and advertise for bids. Because the county has been leasing tractors for the past few years, the Ford tractor has not been used very much. Bids will be opened at their meeting on April 2.
In other business, the commission:
• Met with Tom Mitzel of the Campbell County Insurance Agency to review the county’s property and liability insurance policy. The new policy premium as quoted is $24,769, an increase of about $1,900 (about 8.4 percent) from last year. Following the review of coverages, the commission moved to approve the renewal of the policy.
• Discussed options for disbanding the County Predator Control District. The issue had been raised by the District at a prior meeting. States Attorney Mark Kroontje advised that the district should be shut down at the end of a budget year, and that any monies left in the fund should be used up by the Predator Control Board, which oversees the district, for predator control activities.
• Approved erecting 35 mph speed limit signs on either side of the Brandon Rau home in the southeastern part of the county.
• Learned that a meeting was planned for Feb. 7 to review a Mitigation Plan for Campbell County.
• Heard that there will be a Warhawk Emergency Management exercise in Campbell County at a later date in February.
• Asked Emergency Manager Lawrence Goehring to check with the SD Public Utilities Commission and/or other entities as to whether there was another cell phone tower planned for the area and if it could be positioned so that there would be coverage on the Oahe Reservoir along the west boundary of the county.
• Heard that a second speed board had been installed on the south edge of Herreid on US Hwy 83. The first one had been put up on the north side of the city, and the commissioners agreed that it helped control speeds in the city limits. Both speed boards were obtained through grants obtained by the CC Sheriff’s Department. Deputy Chuck Davidson said he would check with the Mound City Town Board to see if there was interest in attempting to get speed boards installed on Hwy 83 in Mound City also.
• Received a written report of monthly Sheriff’s Department activity. In response to a question, Sheriff Lacey Perman said that requests for concealed weapon permits are higher than last year at the same time.
• Moved to purchase a new 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe, with requested options, from Lamb Motors of Onida per the state bid specifications. The new vehicle with options will cost $29,586. The purchase of a vehicle had been included in the 2013 budget approved last year. The vehicle currently used by Sheriff Perman has about 187,000 miles on it.
• Met with Highway Foreman Terry Bauer to discuss results of some testing on engine oil in the highway department semis and large trucks that the department has been conducting. The commissioners suggested that the oil be changed more often and/or using a different brand of oil.
• Moved to purchase culverts off the Beadle County bids. Prices will be about the same as they were last year.
• Heard that all the county highway department employees will be attending two different training sessions, one on Feb. 14 and the other on Feb. 26.
• Learned that an individual who had extended driveways and done other work in the county ROW without getting permission from the highway superintendent or the commission had finally met with Supt. Patti Pudwill and agreed to dig up the driveways and put in longer culverts. The original work was done in the spring of 2012, and extending the driveway without the longer culverts would result in the culverts becoming blocked and water running over the county road during a major rain or spring thaw event. The commission and States Attorney Kroontje had been working with the landowner in the southeastern part of the county since late last spring to try and get the problem corrected.
• Approved an agreement with the State DOT for striping about four miles of paved roads in areas around the communities in the county. There is a 60/40 cost share, with the county paying 40 percent of the cost.
• Moved to apply for a Community Access Grant to complete repairs on the approximately one half mile county paved road leading east out of Pollock (elevator road).



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