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Mound City PIC facility supplies hogs for new PIC farm in China

Posted 2/25/13 (Mon)

PIC APEX Genetic Nucleus, located near Mound City, supplies breeding stock to customers around the globe.  Recently, APEX shipped pigs to PIC China to help stock a new farm in China.  
APEX sent 450 pigs consisting of 20 large breeding boars (~300lbs), 150 small boars (45 to 90 lbs) and 280 small gilts (45 to 90 lbs). These pigs were combined with 750 gilts from a PIC multiplier farm to complete the shipment of 1,200 head.
To export pigs, strict regulations and procedures must be followed.  Each animal is identified by a numeric ear tag and must comply with the importing country’s health certificate. This consists of strict blood testing and vaccination protocols. A Chinese governmental official was present for the entire quarantine period (45 days) to observe the animals and verify that all of the health protocols were followed.
The chartered Boeing 747 cargo plane, loaded with the pigs, left the export facility in Wilmington, Ohio, on Monday, Jan. 28, and arrived in China on Jan. 29.  The pigs were the only cargo on the plane and traveled in style in custom built wooden crates filled with wood shavings, feed and water. The cargo hold of the plane was kept at a comfortable 60 degrees F. Most of their time was spent stretched out and sleeping while they were in flight. Actually, the trip was probably much more comfortable than most human travelers are used to.
Typically a shipment of this type requires a groom to attend to the animals. This person flies with the pigs on the cargo plane, usually alongside the pilots in the cockpit. Several times during flight, the groom will enter the cargo hold of the plane to check on the status of the animals to be sure they are comfortable and have plenty of feed and water.
The flight arrived in Xi’An, China, on Tuesday, Jan. 29, after 21 hours of travel time.
Customs officials met the aircraft and verified all paperwork was in order. The wooden crates were transferred to waiting flat deck trucks, nine trucks in all, to begin the drive to the farm. Chinese Police provided an escort of the truck convoy to the farm to ensure the trucks had a clear and efficient route to the farm.
This export was the first shipment to China since, 2008 and the first time APEX has shipped pigs to China. However, this was not the first export for APEX.  On a regular basis pigs are shipped around the world.  In the coming weeks, pigs from the Mound City facility will go to Russia, Mexico, Vietnam and Brazil.
PIC is the international leader in providing genetically superior pig breeding stock.  PIC combines quantitative sciences with leading-edge biotechnology to develop non-GMO breeding stock that is focused on meeting the needs of its customers. This approach provides healthier animals that are more efficient to produce and provide higher quality products to customers.
Operating for over 50 years, PIC’s success is attributed to its thorough concentration and significant investment in aspects of genetics, technology and health.



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