Permit Approved For Wind Farm

Posted 5/15/18 (Tue)

By Jessica Wald

The Logan County courthouse courtroom was full of visitors during the regular monthly commissioner meeting last Tuesday, May 8. Commissioners were all present, including Chairman Dean Entzminger, Blanche Schumacher and John Wald. 

About 22 people came in the room for the agenda item, petition for conditional use permit to construct the Emmons/Logan Wind Energy Center. 

NextEra Energy reps were on hand and told the commissioners and the crowd the project is scheduled to begin in May/June of 2019, with 17 wind towers, plus two alternates, to be located in Logan County. Concerned citizen Ron Aberle, Napoleon, said as a local mail carrier, who drives rural county roads, he is not in favor of the construction of wind towers. He said the nice views will be obstructed, trucks and cement trucks will be a concern for traffic and roads and the sounds of the towers will be loud. NextEra reps said the wind tower workers can follow a specific route for safety and addressed his other concerns. District 28 ND State representative, Mike Brandenburg, who has been involved in the Edgeley/Kulm wind tower project stated, “Nothing but good has come out of the wind farm.”

Commissioner Entzminger said he believes the wind farm will. . .


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